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The Government of Cantabria announces a fund for the seafood sector
24 Aug 2020
The Government of Cantabria calls for urgent aid to support seafood industry and aquaculture businesses to mitigate the...
Registration for the 2020 Irish Aquaculture Accelerator programme still open
21 Aug 2020
Applications are invited to take part in the Program run by HATCH in association with SAFER associate partner Bord...
Newfoundland and Labrador announced $400K Marketing Fund for the seafood sector
13 Aug 2020
The “Seafood Marketing and Innovation Fund” will support the expansion of the seafood sector and will create new jobs
SAFER recommendations based on project's results backed by the Atlantic Regions
29 Jun 2020
The Atlantic Arc Commission validate the recommendations ‘For a SAFER and Greener Seafood sector’
SAFER project presents recommendations to Atlantic Area regions and EU Institutions
25 Jun 2020
CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission General Assembly will go online
The European Maritime Day is going to take place in Cork
7 Feb 2020
Ireland will host the conference and the expo for maritime professionals, entrepreneurs and ocean leaders on the 14th...
SAFER participates in the Business2Sea event in Portugal
11 Oct 2019
Our Atlantic Area funded project will interact with other innovation initiatives involved in marine affairs.
Marine affairs drop anchor at Porto
8 Oct 2019
Business2Sea will host two important initiatives: the 6th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference and the Interreg...