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Join the European Maritime Day 2019 celebrations
22 Nov 2018
The 2019 European Maritime Day conference will take place in Lisbon, with a series of local events organised across...
Seafood consumption in EU member states equals 27 kg per head
15 Oct 2018
For the first time, JRC scientists have examined the impact of seafood supply chains across national boundaries.
SAFER related activities in the partner regions this autumn
27 Sep 2018
Our partner regions are celebrating a series of relevant events during this autumn.
Check out the innovation services available in the SAFER regions
25 Sep 2018
An interactive map including a directory of services with potential application to increase the innovation performance...
SAFER present in the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference 2018
25 Sep 2018
The project has been invited to be presented during the 5th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference 2018 in Vigo...
SAFER participates in the Sea Tech Week 2018 in Brest (France)
24 Sep 2018
The project is presented during this years’ marine bio-resources themed event thanks to our partner Pôle Mer Bretagne...
BIM support global Accelerator Programme for Aquaculture
28 Aug 2018
Positioning Ireland as a leader in the next phase of aquaculture innovation.
Ocean Business 2018 will be held in Lisbon from 18-20 September
30 Jul 2018
An event organized by the Ministry of the Sea in partnership with SAFER project partner Forum Oceano.